Friday, August 21, 2015

Long Term Mocking

Our street got torn up by the city.  It needed it, there were lots of potholes and the curbs had crumbled away.  Our sidewalks needed some help too, so while things were being demolished and rebuilt those got done too.

All this comes with a price tag, and not a small one I might add.

So I was displeased to see this bit of mockery, one that I will have to gaze upon for many long years to come.

I don't get cute kid hand prints.  Or even dog paw prints.  I could deal with that.  No, its the squirrels. They mock me.  And will continue to do so until the next major re-do.  Damn, I may see these insolent little foot prints when they roll me out for the Last Roundup.

1 comment:

Jeffrey Smith said...

Think of them as fossils.