Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Politics Star Date 2016

One of the problems with American politics in 2015 is that increasingly people of differing political viewpoints lack a common language.  "Justice, Freedom, Equality"...these are all concepts that both sides of the political spectrum cherish and hold dear, but they may have differing and at times incompatible ideas of what these things mean.

Here at Detritus of Empire politics is far from a staple, but in the interests of helping bridge the cognitive gap that keeps my fellow citizens from engaging in meaningful discourse I think it is time to introduce a perspective that is in our culture well neigh Universal.

Star Trek.

I mean really, is there anyone who was born after about 1950 who is not familiar with it in its various incarnations?

Lets consider a cast of characters.  I highlight these in a neutral sense, with neither endorsement nor condemnation.

First, from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, we have Morn.  Thoughtful guy, never says a word.

In modern day America he has an equal but opposite Twin.  (Serious Star Trek fans will of course at this point say..."Ah...the Mirror Universe!").

In most of the Star Trek series there were semi-comical characters called Ferengi.  Shamelessly selfish, they put the interests of business and commerce ahead of all other considerations.  The ultimate Supply Siders...

OK, I am now going to be admittedly unfair to Paul Ryan, whose pro-business leanings fall somewhat short of Ferengi standards, and whose ears while unquestionably large, only rise to the level of comparison with an atypical photo...

Next lets check in on a woman who has endured in a hostile, male dominated environment.  A strong woman who has no fear of speaking her mind.

It is a sad fact that the women who played major roles in Star Trek seldom go on to have long acting careers, Hollywood being less tolerant of the effects of maturity on females.  But honestly now, Major Kira has added some wisdom and gravitas, changed her hair color a bit, and become:

Carly Fiona.

Everyone of course knows the main figures in the Political and Trek universes, but some of the more interesting figures are the bit players, the supporting cast.  They add color and diversity, they serve loyally in minor roles hoping someday to make the grade as First Officer, or Vice President. Consider for example, Mr. Sulu, shown here having a bit of fever induced out of character swashbuckling fun:

And his 21st century counterpart?  Here in a less frenetic pose is Julian Castro, of whom much is whispered as a Veep candidate.  As a counterpart, presumably, to an elderly "Captain" he would be expected to provide youth and energy.  A fencing sword actually might not be a bad prop....

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