Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Madison on the Tiber?

If you are either from Wisconsin or are a bit of a political junkie, you may recall that about two years ago there were massive protests at the state capitol.  The issue generally was regarding the political power of public employee unions, and the teachers unions were the most active and vociferous opponants of the new laws.  They felt that they would end up doing more work for less pay and benefits.

Today as I was walking over a still in use bridge built during the day of Julius Caesar, I looked upstream and saw this:

Quite the parade of marching, singing Italians.  Later we learned that they were teachers unhappy about new laws regarding financing and administration of public schools.  They were protesting reforms that they felt would cause them to do more work for less pay.  Due to the one day teacher's strike there were no classes today.

Now, I will not comment on the validity of their cause.  And regards the opposing viewpoints back home in the Badger State I will only say that people I respect hold strong opinions on either side.

But, scampering up to the tail end of the Demo today I think I have found one thing, one solitary thing, that Italians do with efficiency.....

Several paddy wagons following up at the end of the marchers!

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