Saturday, May 9, 2015

Areviderci Roma!

Oh, it has been fun.

I probably overdid it some with the walking on pavement in eighty degree heat.  And the binge archeology hunting.  Maybe even with the rich food and vino.  Sitting at the keyboard at civilized hours back home, but what my pal Sunny calls "Stupid O'Clock" local time.  The fever and chills might be a minor bug or some heat stroke.  But I am thinking Rome Withdrawal.

Only one known total cure, coming back some day.  But the worst of the symptoms can be eased by heading up now to Vindolanda for my annual two weeks of digging at the Roman fort site there.  This year at least I have a head start on the first find of the season.

Rome has so much history it is falling out of the hillsides and competing with empty bottles and gelato spoons as litter.  Walking past an ancient ruin that does not warrant a plaque and scarely a mention in my trusty guide book to all things old and Roman I picked up a shard and held it for a moment.

Sure, Italy is a little lax about enforcing some laws.  All of the ones relating to traffic for instance.  But they take their antiquities laws more seriously. The five second rule applies here.  Toss it back into the great rubbish pile of Roman history.

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