Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Cleaning

As I seem to be the Internet's leading authority on a few obscure topics I have felt it necessary to provide an email link from this blog.  And indeed I do get messages from people with questions.

But I get a lot more automated "spam".  And so I have come to regard my "dagmarsuarez" email as being primarily a spam trap, checking it every week or so for the occasional living, breathing correspondent.

Most of the spam is what you would expect, and is likely the same junk you get regularly.  But some of it is odd stuff, and it makes me wonder if the spambots are gaining sentience and starting to learn...

Here is a recent sampling.

"We know your company is a professional manufacturer for the wooden houses".

"Dear Sir/Madam, We'd like to purchase 150,000 of wood pallets.."

"Dear Sir, we need some wooden boats for entertainments".

These are from various Chinese senders.  Guess they know I have a few acres of pine trees up North.

"Don't let middleman draw your profit from the growing hair market (human hair weaving)"

Does this take off on my status as Tacitus MD?  Or simply a guess that at least 50% of internet users are male?

And my Spam Hall of (recent) Shamelessness

Third Place but honorable mention for honesty, an email consisting of a single word (with the usual don't touch it link):      "ransaction".

Second Place: from "E-Z PassManager.  DAGMAR pay for driving on toll road.  Invoice #-----"
I really liked this one because it came from an address that contained the word mummia and a suffix indicating it was an Italian web site.  Mummia was a tarlike resin that was used to preserve mummies! And I have thus far never been to Italy, although I understand that semi-predatory use of speeding cams is fairly common there.

First Place, well, it is just so odd:  "There are 258 students in our company.  Now we need to find a professional and sophisticated wax museum immediatly for a three month training program..."

Well Mr. Zhang shaog, if that is your real name, perhaps it was not the brightest business model to begin a training school for wax museum workers.  Did you first wonder a little about the world wide demand for such an arcane specialty?  Best wishes, Dagmar Suarez.

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