Friday, April 10, 2015

Precious Moments through the Years

My wife and I have been married for quite a while now, we in fact have an anniversary this month. Not one of those that ends in a five or a zero and has a gift type sanctioned by Society.  But a significant bunch of years.

Recently she inquired about getting a new wedding ring.

I had noticed that she had not always been wearing hers, so I made a few necessary inquiries.  Was she in fact indicating that she needed one to get married to somebody else?  If so the correct response would be something along the lines of "Not my circus, not my monkeys".

No, it appears that my Provisional status, my Probationary Period if you will was over some years back and we are in it for the "Death do we part" version.

But decades of hard work, scrubbing cold floors with a brush made from nettles that she had to harvest by hand in mid winter (I am exaggerating a little here) has made the fit of the old ring less than perfect.  Re-sizing the ring was not entirely satisfactory in result.  Re-sizing ourselves to previous dimensions while a worthy goal may not be practical.

So, ring shopping.

I am not exactly sure how to handle this one.  Traditionally the guy is supposed to be involved on some level.  I guess that does not really have to be so.  But it seems just a little weird for a woman embarking on one of the few activities in which a man is traditionally a necessary component to just show up solo. There are various of her female friends who could give good counsel and who have excellent taste.  But in these modern times I can just imagine a clerk looking at the two of them, making some quick internal calculations, then assuming that the ladies want a matched set of bands. Just a little awkward maybe.

So most likely we will go the route of finding a craftsperson in the area who can make a custom band. The specs on this will probably get some token input from yours truly.  It should perhaps not clash too much with the band that I continue to wear.  (each and every day, thank you very much. In my eyes it shines as brightly as the Love I felt on the day we were married.  Said affections have never acquired a spot of tarnish nor a smidgen of wear and tear through the many years which of course fall away and seem like only yesterday on the occasion of our happy anniversary).

I am in fact expected to offer opinions, perhaps as in the case of other clothing/home improvements/accessories to serve as a baseline for the "meh, not so much" average.

But I'm going to surprise her, I will.  I have a great idea.  A classic Ring design, and one that shows my eternal devotion that borders upon slavish.  Yes, yes.......

My Precious!

Happy Anniversary dear.  It's like in a couple of weeks, right?

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