Monday, December 29, 2014

Farewell 2014

Our holidays are over.  Oh, I guess there is still New Years Eve but that is a fairly tame event these days.  Stay up until midnight.  Maybe have two beers.  Whoopie!

Good Christmas.  We had a full table.  We were three families, all old friends, all short a few family members we were sharing with other families and/or other time zones.  Curry and Charades for Christmas Eve.

When the guests had headed home the younger generation went out for the annual festive vandalism. For reasons nobody can recall the kids have been building complicated holiday tableaus in the neighbor's yard each Christmas Eve.  It started off with a lawn gnome Nativity and has gotten steadily odder.  This year there was no snow, the first green Christmas in recent memory.  So Santa went golfing.

A little less elaborate than most years but the event staff was short a member this year.  Also since they are now all over 21 they may have been a little Merrier than usual at midnight.

Thoughtful gifts under the tree Christmas morning.  A day of eating cookies, playing cards and very atypically watching - as a family mind you - that off color movie that was responsible for getting Sony hacked.

A fine Christmas.  Many fine traditions upheld.  I don't think Seth Rogan needs to become a new one.

Taking a short break.  See you next week.

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Borepatch said...

Happy New Year, Tacitus