Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vindolanda 2014 Day Two

Another day of fair weather.  Mostly I was continuing to define the edge of the rampart, necessary if unexciting donkey work.  But we did have one unique advantage today.  Because the area was difficult to run a wheelbarrow through we had the site's loader parked on the other side of the wall !  We got some jealous looks....

After a bit we were diverted by an unexpected feature that was running away from the wall/rampart.  No clue as to what it was, but it needed exploring.  After a morning mostly free of artifacts a few "bits and bobs" turned up.

A "game counter".  At least that is what these hand carved bits of worn out pottery get called.  Their exact function is unclear.

No, not another phallus.  This is iron and was some sort of bolt with a loop on it.  And of course various bits of pottery.  A nice fragment here, it had knocked around a long time before ending up in a post Roman mystery feature.

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