Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Cornwall Coast - Danger EVERYWHERE !

The British have an interesting approach to safety.  In some ways they go way overboard.  School kids on a field trip are outfitted in the sort of high visibility fluorescent yellow vests that are normally worn by our construction workers.  And "Health and Safety" is a standard joke/reply for just about any nonsensical edict from management or government.

On the other hand they have some activities like long distance walking trails that appear to be genuinely hazardous.  You saunter along jagged cliffs and through pastures containing bulls.  But at least they have swell warning signs.  Here is a collection that we came across during our 50 miles of walking the South West Coast Path in late April:

Don't fall off that cliff.

If you own a flaming red Demon Dog keep it on a leash.  Oddly, the top sheep seems to be smiling. Must not have liked the defunct sheep.

Don't drive into the ocean.

This was inside a castle that had its gardens open for the public.  Presumably the chair in the back ground is where the gnarly gamekeeper usually sits, awaiting the lordly instructions to "Release the Hounds!"  The lower left corner of the sign looks to have been chewed off.

At this point the Coastal Path went through a golf course.  There is an odd pun here...

We photographed a group of golfers.  The smoke in the distance is ironically the city of Par.  It would take quite a shot to reach it.

So very many things to Beware Of......

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