Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Of Oracles and Haruspex

We live in Modern Times.  Even for people of Faith, Science is all pervasive.  And of course for many, Science is their Faith.

Medicine is where Science contacts our lives most intimately.  And in some peculiar ways Medicine preserves some of our very oldest Belief systems.

We have our Radiologists.  These are the new Delphic Oracles.  Like their ancient predecessors they sit in darkened places and make ambiguous pronouncements.  Often their answer comes back as an additional request.  The Oracle would like another offering. MRI is suggested for additional correlation.

And we have our Pathologists.  Their job as of old is to act as Haruspex, the reader of the entrails. Less flighty than their kindred functionaries the Augers who read the future in flocks of birds, the opinions of the Haruspex need to be given great weight.

Well, the entrails having been read I shall be taking a short sabbatical from writing Detritus of Empire. Maybe a week or so. It will be my first holiday since starting to broadcast my ramblings almost three years ago.

Don't fret, things are going to be fine. I will be banking some Sickness-n-Health Points but not collecting on the Death-do-us-Part option.

Think some good thoughts.  Those close enough to do so directly have been and will be much appreciated.  If instead you are washed up on this distant beach by the whims of Google Search, just think well of someone dear to you.  Good Karma gets around.



Honeybee said...

The Force (and the neighborhood) is with You and Yours :>)

The Old Man said...

You know the Bosslady and I (and the grand-minion) are sending good thoughts your way. Both of you takr care of each other. Contact me if I can help.

Tacitus2 said...

Augery, Omens and Ouiji boards all forecast a favorable future.

And thanks.


next door Laura said...

I'm getting bettah.

Borepatch said...

I hope you go somewhere warm. ;-)

Tacitus2 said...

No such luck....