Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mystery Coins - More on "Barbarous Radiates"

Barbarous Radiates are so common that even my box of distressed Roman detritus has several examples.  Can you pick the "official" coins from this batch?  (and could a 3rd century merchant?)

Nice detail work.  The "flan" is broken but was of good size originally.  Still trying to look like a silver coin.  All the letters might have fit.  But it does look like a clumsy "off strike".  So.....maybe official.

Again, nice detail, all the letters fit.  Almost no silver left.  These coins usually had a thin wash of it over copper.  I say, official but somebody at the mint is skimming off silver.

Oh, I don't think so....

If you want to see just how weird and crude Barbarous Radiates could get here are a few photos from a lot that was auctioned off. Said to be from the UK, most are Claudius Gothicus or his predecessors the two guys named Tetricus.  But honestly, how can you tell with some of this junk?

These are certainly cruder specimens than the ones I have hanging around, but recall that they were selected for sale on that very basis.

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