Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Holidays are over.  Hope yours were suitably swell.

Might one, perhaps, have a few extra pounds to remember them by?  I see in my medical journals that there is a new prescription weight loss medication being launched, just in time.  It makes me recall the last time such a "miracle" diet pill was tried.  And how it turned out.

Not well in the end, the stuff seems to have caused some rare but serious heart issues and was yanked from the market by the FDA.  But even at the beginning of its brief career a bad decision was made.

The name.

I can imagine the high level meeting where the marketing folks reported to the top brass.
"We're gonna call it Redux.  Get it?  It will make you thin as a reed!"  And everything will be Ducksy!"

The big issue with most weight loss pills is of course that the initial weight loss is not sustained.  After a promising start the pants mysteriously resume their previous snugness, the needle on the scale drifts back to familiar territory.

So, in an industry where tradition is valued, where the old way of things is still remembered, did nobody, NOBODY have any school Latin to draw upon?  Was there no dissenting voice to point out that the translation to English of the word Redux is actually:

"It has returned"!!!!!!!

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