Friday, January 3, 2014

The Path not yet Taken

Another Year's end and so like Janus I look forward and back.  Forward is always fun, and plans for 2014 travels are shaping up.  Yes, once again to Vindolanda to excavate.  It is an addiction.  I simply must know what lies another level down!  And the chance to see my digging pals from around the world, to tip a pint of ale at end of day, to get trounced in the corrupt Twice Brewed Inn pub quiz....

We are also planning an expedition to Alaska with various of the younger generation.  Sight seeing and salmon.

So alas, I am postponing yet again a trip to Italy.  This will be the third time I have started planning a pilgrimage and ended up not going.  Yes, all roads do lead to Rome.  But most of them apparently have to go lots of other places first.

I had the outline of a rather fun expedition roughed out.  In case any like minded folks could benefit from my research let me give you a few leads.  Ancient Rome above and below street level.

Rome Underground, literally.  There is an organization by that name which teaches classes and organizes visits to the extensive underground archaeology of Rome.  Roma Sotteranea.  The page comes up in Italian but at least my Google Chrome translates it automatically.  This seems like a lot of fun.  But I do have to admit, they have yet to answer any of my emails and so far as I can tell the language of instruction is Italian.  I plan on learning some.

You know me and obelisks.  A person could take this list and visit all the ancient obelisks of Rome.

If you need things in English there are a variety of walking tour companies out there.  Context seems to have a particularly eclectic set of offerings.

Getting back to my subterranean interests - I am something of a troglodyte it seems - a day trip up to the hill town of  Orvieto would be a must.  They at least answer their email.  The extent of the underground city there is astonishing.

And speaking of day trips, how about a bike tour of The Appian Way?

Ah, Rome.  The Eternal City.  It will last forever.  I suppose I shall not, so here is hoping I get to make this trip while my less ancient, but still aged, body can manage an active time of it.

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