Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Las Vegas - Out my window

Vegas is not exactly known for being a subtle, understated place.  They build things big and garish then knock them down to build something bigger and gaudier.

This is soon going to be the world's biggest Ferris Wheel.  It will make the London Eye look puny in comparion.  500 feet tall, when it opens sometime next year you will be able to take a slow 30 min turn on it, seeing glowing neon in all directions.

Here is the view from my hotel window.  For perspective I am on the 16th floor, and am not even near the halfway point of it.

Quite the view from my window.  And looking straight down I could see a couple of street people laying out on cardboard across the avenue from me. Most people pass them by without awareness.  I can't claim to be a "better" person than these marching fun-seekers....but when you are in town for a conference on ER medicine perhaps you can't help but see the side of society that others can look past.

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