Friday, December 20, 2013

Helpful Escape Aid

My boring, high mileage little grey car had a nasty encounter with a patch of ice and a culvert a while back.  So I took the insurance check and bought....a different boring high mileage little grey car. 

I am still figuring out where all the buttons and gadgets are, and this morning I discovered a new feature:

This is obviously inside the trunk.  And if I understand it correctly it is a handle I can grab if I am locked in the trunk, possibly by hoodlums.  After pulling on the handle it appears-if things are to scale-that I will then be able to leap roughly six feet high and ten feet out in my first bound to freedom.

It's made of an interesting shade of plastic that I have in the past associated with "glow in the dark" objects.

Maybe I'll try it out.


The Old Man said...

Yes. they glow. But your heart had best be pure, because some of them need the strength of ten to pop the bonnet.

Tacitus2 said...

That sounds vaguely naughty...