Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring.

(Note:  I am bumping the last installment of Patent Medicine Almanacs to Monday.  I am just that appalled by what appears below.)

The official first day of Spring dawned with cold wind out of the north.  The only slightly good news was that you were largely sheltered from it, as the last couple of late season blizzards have heaped up big snow mounds along our streets and sidewalks.  We have become tunnel dwellers.

I had to walk over to the next door neighbors house on an errand.  As I returned I noticed that cars on our street were slowing down and swinging wide around something in the road.

It is a huge hunk of ice.  From the flat surfaces I can only assume it was part of a block of frozen crud on the under side of a passing truck.  We have some whoppin' pot holes in the street, quite sufficient to knock off ice and sometimes up to the challenge of taking off a few pieces of original equipment as well.

I sent this photo to a couple of my archeology pals saying that I was not sure whether to laugh, cry or check the flat surfaces for an inscription proving that this is an altar to a vengeful weather god.

To be on the safe side I did all three before tossing this forty pound block of misery up onto the roadside drifts.

Just in case you were wondering why we have been unable to do that Robot Dragster speed trial yet.....

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Honeybee said...

Ah-ha! I've been doing it wrong all along! If only I'd known that jumping in and out of a pothole would help shed 40 pounds, I'd have been out there long ago. Luckily - or NOT! - we have many of those street caverns to choose from to try out this method. P.S. My van's oil pan thanks you!