Friday, February 22, 2013

The Robot Dragster Project - a brief hiatus

If you were looking for the conclusion of the Robot Dragster Project, my apologies.  There have been a few logistics glitches.

Starting with the unfortunate crash that broke it in half during testing!

We were scheduled to have one more session for repairing the battle damage, with an intended outdoor speed trial the next day.

Instead we got an ice storm and school cancellation.  We lost one build session.  And as to taking this out on the street for testing, well, the kids can't even control it on carpeted floor yet.  Ice covered streets would be.....interesting.

So, we are going to have to sneak in an impromptu session somewhere just prior to the kids going on Spring break.  The dragster will then sit parked until we get a nice day in March for an on street test.

I will post a report then, complete with Top Speed attained and a summation of the things I have learned from this project.

That list will not be short.....

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