Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Less than Golden Season

I don't pay that much attention to "the minor sports" but a friend of ours has a son who played for the University of Minnesota Football team.  They are called "The Golden Gophers" and in recent years their prowess has been approximately that of their tiny rodent mascot.

It is probably never a good thing when your fan merchandise turns up at Axman Surplus, but a 6-7 season (2-6 in their conference) will do things like that.

A foam rubber hat in the likeness of a goofy rodent head.  And right next to it a box of flags.  Given the color I assume these were what fans were supposed to wave when the mighty Gophers scored a touch down.

Unlike some of the stuff in a surplus store, these don't look to have been used too heavily.

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