Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stars, Stripes and Cheese, July 4th 2012

Images and thoughts from a small town 4th of July parade.

Just about every volunteer Fire Department in the area had a unit in the parade.  This engine had a cute kid tossing candy.
This spectator came equipped with a "Swag Bag", and seems to be having a productive haul.
As I have had occasion to mention once before, a local plumbing outfit has the interesting custom of decorating a concrete septic tank when an area team goes to a state tournament.  Here the "State Bound" basketball squad goes down main street in style.
Instead of candy, the local grocery store is handing out cheese samples.  Hey, its Wisconsin.  Note the foam cheese heads.  Also.....
I can't think of any commentary that will not attract some most unwelcome Google Search results.

The Lions Club was thinking clearly, and had a little garden tractor pulling a recycling wagon near the end of the parade.

Now this one is perplexing.  A loosely organized dance squad with a 70's Disco theme.  One of the shirts was emblazoned "Wiggle, Wiggle" which was an apt description.  But look at those guys trailing behind...

Yes, those guys..

Maybe this helps explain an enigmatic sign I had seen outside a fireworks tent the week before:
So lets salute Freedom in all its many forms.  The Freedom to stand straight, remove your hat and applaud when the color guard marches past.  The Freedom to eat candy and high caloric cheese if you want to.  And the Freedom to put on silly outfits and wiggle or slouch as your inclinations guide you!


Honeybee said...

Darn! Where was I when this was going on?! Oh yes - home, monitoring the Weather Channel, wondering how to keep two AC units going to max level and NOT fry this old barn with over-usage of the old wiring. But we did find ways to enjoy, and salute, the red-white-blue.

Harry said...

Cheese Lady = Best. Outfit. Ever.