Monday, July 16, 2012

In memory of Joe

At least to date, I have not driven when I visit the UK.  It's that left side of the road thing.  I'm even just a little frightened being a pedestrian.  The streets are twisty, the side walks narrow and all experience aside I still sometimes look the wrong way when stepping off the curb.

On a dreary, rain soaked day in Carlisle I found evidence of a tragedy;

Roadside memorials seem less common in the UK, but are very similar to what you see in the States.  Maybe it is just better to take note, to take care, and to direct a few generic prayers for the soul of the departed and the safety of your own loved ones.  Because if you get too close, if you think too hard, it will hurt.

Does the devil indicate a wild side to the victim?  The site of the memorial seems like the kind of place a man could come to grief on a tipsy stroll home from his local.  Or was this just a favorite plush toy from his child?
Note the fresh flowers....somebody is changing them regularly.

His name was Joe.  He has a sister Tracie.  She believes in God.

More flowers.  The site is on a narrow road next to a bridge and embankment.  What happened here?

Be careful.  Treasure those you love.  There are no guarantees in this world.

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