Friday, June 1, 2012

Washington D.C. - Odder than usual sights.

The exact Center of the US Capitol.  It is supposedly good luck to step on this spot.  The floor is dipped in a bit here, a consequence they say of all the luck seekers.
Each state in the Union has two statues on display in the Capitol.  Oklahoma has a nice one of Will Rogers.  Legislators and others looking for a bit of good luck rub Will's left foot.  This practice is now discouraged.
Inside one of the Congressional Office Buildings.  This Solon has just announced he will not run for re-election.  A large box  sitting in the hallway waiting for the Postal Service to pick it up.  I wonder what it contains?

We saw some protesters when we visited but most were unremarkable.  Even the Occupy encampment was just a bunch of wet tents with wet occupants.  But this was interesting.  Jesus stood totally still.  He should, as He was a manikin.  Note the weight behind His right foot.  His companion moved very, very little, but was a real human.  No sign, no chants, just stood there.  Off to one side she had a few placards laid out that referenced 9/11 in a sort of generic way.  And a large Tupperware tub marked "Jesus" that I imagine contained various accessories.

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