Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee, Ma'am

Even here in the States we have some awareness that Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee this weekend.  Sixty years on the throne, my goodness.

My favorite bit of Jubilee stuff is this ad for Marmite, a yeasty sort of stuff you put-or don't put-on your bread in the morning. 

First, the conventional Marmite:
And the ad for the special Diamond Jubilee version:

I really like this ad.  Much more than I like Marmite.  Like all great British ads it hits multiple notes.  The name is changed to reflect the custom of referring to the Queen as Ma'am.  We have replaced the pot and spoon with a crown. We have the Royal Corgis.  And two toast puns...the motto "Toasting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee" and check out the Royal Crest made of five pieces of toast in a toast rack!  (the ghostly street light is a reflection, sorry).

This is not the first time the folks at Marmite have had a little fun with their logo.  Previously they put out a valentines day version made with champagne yeast!

I could go on.  Indeed, the great New Zealand Marmite Shortage deserves some recognition.  But I do not want to distract from Her Majesty on her special day. 

Happy Diamond Jubilee, Ma'am!

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