Friday, March 9, 2012

Middle School Robotics Project-Chapter Four

Short post this time, I was too busy keeping three separate working teams on track for there to be much in the way of decent photos.  I thought I had a couple of short vid clips but I guess you have to actually hold the button down on the camera.  Next time.
Still fussing with the drive section.  There is always a loose connector somewhere.  But it is at least drivable now so it makes putting the unit away a bit easier.
Upper segment.  This will be the axle that the arms pivot off of.

In the lower of the two "swivel sections" a detail on the pulley drive.  On top of the pulley is just another hub/gear combo that came off of the Barby jeep gearbox assembly.  A good snug fit but it can be removed if necessary for access.

A better view of the swivel mechanism.  Rather a nice bit of work, I do not expect breakage here.  And it pivots at a leisurely pace, not likely to smack anyone with the arms.

Imagine arms attached to the upper axle.  That would give you a rough approximation of the final shape.  Note the slight pivot between sections 2 and 3.  Still lots of lights and gadgets to add.  Looks like we have one slightly off kilter wheel on the left front, but it runs fine.  I can't supervise everything and that one got cranked on securely but off line.  I figure a slight wobble in the system will just make it look more humanoid.

Two additional bags of M & Ms were purchased.  No more testing done on the dispenser.  But we ate half a bag anyway.

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