Friday, March 30, 2012

Can't Miss Lottery Numbers

I suppose everyone has their Lottery Dream, a happy script they could write for their life if only they got the right numbers and won an unimaginable amount of money.*  Your odds of  doing so are improved, if only by a statistically insignificant percentage, by purchasing a ticket.

I have never actually done so myself.  Oh, back when I had employees I would on occasion find out that they had a pool going.  I would toss in a buck or two.  My reasoning was that if they all hit the big time it was quite likely that they would depart en masse, puffing on Cuban stogies they had lit with hundred dollar bills, perhaps stopping at the door just long enough to tell me what they really thought of working for me.

Better to be exiting in tandem, and with my own opinons to express.

But it never happened.  In fact it has become evident to me that most lottery ticket purchasers are, to be blunt, losers.  That's how the system works.

Clearly they are making some bad choices.  No, not the choice of wasting a buck on a ticket, the choice of the wrong numbers.

Some folks I am told are deep into numerology in the picking of their numbers.  I think they are missing an important little bit of arcana.

Hanging on the wall of the ER is a list of APCO 10 codes.  These are police radio codes.  Most people are familiar with "10-4" meaning, "Message Received", but there are many others.  Lets look at the APCO 10 codes and recent Power Ball winning numbers.

At the time I wrote this post the last winning Power Ball was 4 35 36 51 56 8

Now, we already know that 10-4 means "message received", so what does the entire message spell out in APCO 10 Code?

"Message Received.  Major Crime Alert.  Correct Time.  Request Tow Truck.  Intoxicated Pedestrian.  In Service."

Hmmm, not exactly promising.  Lets do another recent Winning sequence  5 35 57 58 59 12

It translates to: "Relay.  Major Crime Alert.  Hit and Run Accident.  Direct Traffic.  Escort.  Stand By."

Again, not propitious.  I would not have guessed it.  One more recent Power Ball winner: 

2 33 39 40 43 26

This becomes in APCO 10 Code:

"Signal Good.  Emergency All Units Stand By.  Respond with Siren and Flashers.  Do Not Use Siren and Flashers.  Information.  Detaining Suspect."

That seems a little more promising, if Delphically ambiguous in some respects.  We at least start out with a good signal and do get some Information along the way.

So I decided to make a Power Ball number series out of just the positive sounding APCO numbers.  It must be a winner.  Here you go, I guess several of us will be splitting the swag but I am nothing if not generous.

2  82  86  59  68  23

Which translates to:

"Signal Good.  Reserved Lodgings.  Operator on Duty.  Escort.  Dispatch Information.  Arrived at Scene."

To which I will add and sign off with:


"Assignment Complete"

*And I am given to understand that the current PowerBall amount is roughly Ten Gajillion bucks, so it must be time to post this.

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