Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Story Outhouse

I guess the picture pretty much tells the story.  This is a two story outhouse in a tiny town in rural Illinois.  It is said to date from 1872, and its unusual dimensions were to accommodate a two story structure-general store with apartments above-that stood a few feet further up in the lot.  A walkway allowed the second story occupants to reach the accommodations without having to run down the stairs.

It was padlocked, so we were unable to admire the highly ingenious internal construction details that allowed multi-level use without untoward repercussions.

The outhouse sits in a one lot sized park. 

There was a small information kiosk.  In a fine little touch, the box holding the comments card looked like this:

The roof hinged back to give access to the cards.

On a somber note the park also contained a memorial to 21 year old Cole Spenser "American by birth, Patriot by choice", who died in Iraq.  For the small towns of America from which a disproportionate number of our servicemen arise the loss of a single native son is deeply felt.

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