Monday, August 8, 2011

Beseeching an Unknown God

A household altar found recently at Vindolanda.

No inscription, just the odd serpent figure and what look like two mountains.  Or was it the letter M?

To what deity was this devoted?

Mons Gemini?


Don't laugh too hard at that last one....there is a known inscription from Vindolanda dedicated to "DEO MOGUNDI"  which is pretty close.  And for that matter there are also two prior known inscriptions to "The Mother Goddess" DEABUS SVIS MATRIBUS.  Which is probably what Madonna considers herself to be.

More on inscriptions, dedicatory and otherwise, at Vindolanda carved in stone, so to speak

The wise heads of the Vindolanda Trust are pondering this artifact, and will no doubt offer up the official word in the excavation off season.  In the meantime a suggestion from one of the excavators that perhaps this was a practice piece for someone learning the stone carvers trade has something to recommend it.

Photo from the WeDigvindolanda site linked on the sidebar.  Worth an occasional visit for those with an interest in such things.

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Harry said...

I've got it: the M is actually a V superimposed over an M. VoldeMort. And his pet snake just below!