Thursday, May 5, 2011

Digging Vindolanda Day Four--Mystery solved

Various things coming up around the site today.  My digging mate Nigel came up with a broken coin that had enough inscription remaining to be helpful dating our confusing welter of walls, present and absent.

Here's a nice bit of jewelry from the other side of my road:

I think I mentioned yesterday that another team had encountered a large batch of broken storage jars (amphorae if you are curious).  Here's what happens when you are careless with several large pottery containers:

Somebody did not clean up after themselves!

As for me, not much to report.  I am still in pursuit of the missing wall.  I continue to advance my trench through largely barren clay, just a few pottery bits here and there.

But I have figured out where the missing wall stones are:

A snug little cottage just up the road from the excavations.  Hey, nice stones mister, don't suppose you want to tell us where your great grandfather got em......

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Honeybee said...

Don't blame the blokes for early mastery of recycling. Dig on!