Monday, May 9, 2011

Digging Roman Vindolanda--Day six.

A new week and some new recruits with a large Canadian contingent.  The phrase "eh?" has been uttered a few times on site.

Also for me a new area.  And with enthusiastic first timers at either elbow we have made the dirt move today.

I found a bit of bronze armor, heavily corroded.

This bit of tile came up as well, perhaps part of a heating duct it has an eye pleasing pattern to it.

Another eye catching bit....we rather imagined it to be a fossilized snickers bar but it in fact is a naturally occuring rock.  We have a geologist on site and I asked him what it was.  A ten minute treatise followed.  I prefer the snickers bar theory.

Finally, a picture that may look upside down.  It is.  But the brand name on this roll of stuff used to protect archeology sites between seasons deserved a pic of its own.

Hoping all is Invisibly Good with you.

From the wilds of Northumbria....

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Hadriana's Treasures said...

Ooh. Some good stuff there Tim! Keep up the good work of blogging it all. My blog seems to have stalled right now. Am trying to get the old brain cells working again...have some is having the time to write them out properly.