Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm sorry Dave, you must care about Oprah.....

The shortcomings of Facebook are not exactly breaking news.  It has basically become social media for the grand parent demographic (of which I am of course a proud member), but it has also become more intrusive, sneakier.  And at the same time it is showing me a lot fewer actual posts from people I know.

Lately, and without any changes made by yours truly, the news feed has switched from Most Recent to Top Stories.  There does not appear to be any obvious way to change it back.  You can toggle it over to the preferred option each time you go look at Facebook but even that action gives the New Wizards of Menlo Park information. They know for instance when I am on the internet and via all their other info tentacles also know where I am. has been putting up a peculiar notice.  After I look at the Most Popular items it decides to force feed me - all too often celeb fluff and/or political nonsense - it puts this up:

Do you want to see more posts?

Find Friends
The more friends you add, the more posts, photos and videos you'll see in News Feed.

The button takes you to "People you Might Know", encouraging me to add them to the web of data that Facebook is spinning around me.

It was easier when I posted as Badger Trowelsworthy, and with demographic information that read like the absurdist post modern fiction that it was intended to be.

We'll see what happens.  Facebook has a lot of hidden stuff going on "under the hood" and sometimes these glitches vanish with as little logic as they appear.  For some reason I got a whole bunch of "Friend Requests" a while back, all of which appeared to be from confused Spambots that thought they were lonely college aged ladies from Brazil.

But my patience has limits.  No, Facebook I am not going to go on a Friend Request binge to try and get my Facebook feed back to showing only recent posts, and keeping them around for more than 24 hours.  Don't make me bring back Lord Trowelsworthy. 

He's more than a bit of a rascal and he drags me into much mischief even though he is fictitious.


wynne said...

I completely agree. I keep deleting advertising promotions they think I need. Most recent was my preference too. 😕

nycguy said...

I ignore my timeline. I go to mybookmarked profile, click on the Friends number down on the left-hand side, then new posts. I get to see the new posts from each friend.

Much less trouble than putting up with facebook's delusions about what I want to see.