Monday, July 3, 2017

Road Trip June 2017

Some pictures from the road.  Scenic beauty?  Nah, just the things I find odd and interesting.

First up, an establishment in Northern Wisconsin:

The sign reads SPA BAR-BOWLING.  Now, likely as not it just means that the name of the establishment is Spa, but I rather like the image of northwoodsy women, heck maybe some men too, lounging back in easy chairs getting pedicures with cucumber slices over their eyes...with the sound of crashing bowling pins in the back ground.

Next up, Christmas Michigan.  Which is pretty much a couple of tourist trap stores and this garish casino.  Hey, who's that in the background?

I'm afraid so.  Its a two story tall Santa beckoning you in to roll the dice on whether you can afford to buy your tots presents this year.  

 Sometimes the notices in bathrooms go beyond the basic, necessary info:

Destination for the journey was Ann Arbor Michigan.  A fun college town.  So all telephone poles in the hip down town area are festooned with posters for local bands. Except this one.  Did it just reach carrying capacity for staples?  Or is it in its own way some kind of performance art?

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