Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Industrial Tinker Bell

I can't help it, I am just a good sport about so many things.  So when one of my instructors at Tech School asked if I could help in a presentation on industrial safety gear I said sure.  I did ask if there was any chance I might be set on fire, making clear that if the safety equipment was appropriate to the situation I did not regard that as a complete deal breaker.

There were silly things to put on.

But the real fun part was trying out something called a "fall harness".  It is the sort of thing you wear when working up high so that if you slip you will, while having a lot of bruises and such, still be alive to complain about them.   

Naturally you don't put on an outfit like this without having a chance to try it out, so I was hauled about six feet in the air with the big yellow winch system you see in the top of the photo. I was at this point being encouraged to strike a "Super Man" pose but instead I remembered a long ago talk with an acquaintance who had done a lot of community theater and was describing a rig like this.

So here is my best Tinker Bell imitation.  Enjoy, Internet.  Enjoy.

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Honeybee said...

Looks like a great volunteer gig! I'm sure they might have asked you because you can speak from the "after" perspective as well - that is, when things go horribly wrong. But that's another session and maybe more than need be covered. P.S. I saw they were lighting things on fire at the other end of the campus, out where retardants and such are featured. Please don't volunteer for that one!