Saturday, November 5, 2016

Perfection in an Imperfect World

I rarely venture into political discussions here.  I have my opinions, others have theirs and the Internet hardly seems a place where thoughtful discourse happens.  Like many I am far from pleased with the options we have before us next week.

Obviously it is not a perfect world.  Far from it.  

But that does not mean it does not contain elements of perfection.  My grandson is walking and talking.  This year at Thanksgiving the Kids Table is where the fun will reside.  I leave photos of The Next Generation in the hands of his parents, but I can show you a couple of other examples of perfection.

A part I was supposed to machine to 3.50 inches.  Two extra "in your face" decimal points thank you very much.

And the maple tree that stands in front of Trowelsworthy Hall.  Perfect not only in its magnificence but in the fact that it always hangs onto its leaves longer than any other tree on the block.  It was a beautiful day, a perfect day.  But I looked up and said, "nah, not going to do any raking today.  Go and enjoy".

May you  find your own personal small Perfections in this Imperfect world.

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