Friday, January 8, 2016

The impermanence of Beach Art

On a day where I was musing on the impermanence of things a stroll on the beach.  Tides come and go, wind blows the sand about.  Shore birds pick at things and perhaps the occasional vandal-tyke gives a big ol' stomp.

Sand sculpture on a somber day.

Mermaids are a common theme.  The one above just needs to run a comb through her sea weed hair and re-do her face a bit.  The one below has a nice shell afro intact but is crumbling in the hot Florida weather.

A alligator whose head has eroded away.  I think that must have been just where the high tide and its lapping waves stopped.

Almost two weeks after Christmas and we still have a shell Santa and his sleigh. This was placed high above the tide line.

A sea turtle that looks like a soccer ball.  I hope it does not confuse the real sea turtle hatchlings that sometimes trek across this very beach.

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