Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Il Tasso Forte e Potente !

Getting ready for an extended trip to Italy (lots of walking) then to Northern England (walking plus wheelbarrows) has prompted me to actually expend some effort in getting into shape. Most days I am off the the gym.  Walking, running, cardio workout stuff.

My UK archeology pals often use my nickname "Badger", one that came to me by virtue of my digging prowess, my Wisconsin origins and my salt and pepper hair color.  (More salt these days, alas).  In Italian Badger is "Tasso".

They had better be ready for the new, mightier 2015 "Il Potente" version of The Badger.

In fact, I may take it to the next level entirely.  Our local "Y" offers classes too.  Forget that weight training nonsense, I know what I could use:

Master Jedi Class!  I'm gonna move those big rocks with the Power of the Force!


Honeybee said...

I'm thinking Lady Trowelsworthy must have found for you the same present I am giving the UW alum in our family for his Flag Day birthday! At least I hope she did, otherwise I am off to outfit you properly :>)

next door Laura said...


Let't talk.


Lady T