Monday, October 27, 2014

The pungent smell of Autumn.

This time of year our local hardware store stocks some interesting fragrance choices.  Mostly for men, but not exclusively so.  It is not like the perfume counter at a swank department store, no sales person offers to dab samples on your wrist.  And that's a good thing.

Yep, it is almost deer hunting season.  Some features of this product might be marketable for human attracting purposes.  Natural & Dependable sounds good.  Curiosity Appeal has promise.  And although it has been decades since I was single and interested in such matters, perhaps young singles on the prowl stake out a particular bar stool on a Territorial basis.  But looking back, way back, on the singles scene I do not recall it being Non-Threatening.

Oh, my.  This is getting really specific.  I rather like the coy, Disney eyes doe on the bottle looking up at the Aroused, but now decided defunct buck.  She's thinking:  "Sucker".  His last thought was "I.......I wuz robbed".

I don't know what is going on here.  The product name "Rut'n Apples" suggests a play on Rotten Apples. It says 100% Real Apple on the bag so I don't know why it is implying that it will send Mr. Buck into a Dionysian Frenzy.  Is he licking his lips 'cause he likes apples?  Or is there something else going on?

Now this stuff I might consider buying if it were on sale post hunting season.  Of course it is designed to make it harder for deer to smell you down wind, but Smash Human Odor makes it sound like pretty effective stuff.  Might get a bar for the shower....

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