Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alaska Odds and Ends - Catching the Light

For the Alaska trip I got a new camera, one specifically designed to take abuse.  In this it succeeded well.  Kayaking and rafting got it a bit wet without issues.  I did not have to test bear chewing resistance, the only bruin we saw was at a distance and moving the other direction.

But my experience with the new toy was mixed.  I ended up taking a lot of snaps and the quality was mixed.

Partly I think it was the unusual conditions in Alaska.  Those long, long days come with some odd sun angles.  If what you want to photograph happens to be looking into that low riding but very powerful sun, good luck.

The intensity and the angle sometimes did weird things to colors also.  I took a half dozen pics of this kelp and mussels covered rock.  This was about the best I could do.

But sometimes by dumb luck everything lines up just right.  The harbor at Valdez, colorful kayaks waiting to be loaded.

So I am happy with the new camera, and it may become my primary one for travels.  I suppose it is just barely possible that things might go better if I actually take the time to read the manual.  Like all new gadgets it has a lot of functions and tricks.  For instance at the Anchorage airport getting ready to fly home I remembered that there was a "take photo through glass" option.  Just in time, as I was walking past one of my all time favorite bits of taxidermy...bear pounces on deer!

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