Sunday, March 30, 2014

I visit a Shooting Range

I grew up, sort of, in Minneapolis.  Other than a little fishing in the summertime I was a city kid with little exposure to the Great Outdoors.  My sons were raised in rural Wisconsin.  They all fish AND hunt.

My youngest took me out to the public shooting range yesterday.  To my recollection I had never been to such an establishment.

We are considering conversion to the local religious cult, Fall Deer Hunting.  So we took his 12 gauge shotgun out to the range with a box of rifled slugs.  The target is my own artistic creation, about a 1/3 scale deer.

I am very pleased to report that while my son has proven on all previous occasions to be a much better shot than I, that today at a respectable range I took exactly two shots.  Guess which two?

Look out Bullwinkle.  (yes I know, moose not deer, but my art skills are less than my marksmanship)

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