Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pieces and Parts at Axman Surplus

Getting ready for the upcoming robotics class requires a trip to my favorite store, Axman Surplus.

As it turns out they did not have anything immediately useful for the project, but as always the bizarre assortment of merchandise and the creative signage are worth the trip even if you come home empty handed.

(Or almost empty.  I did pick up a perfectly good computer keyboard for under $5.  So what if it is in a language that appears to be Norwegian!).

The Axman sales force seemed to have a strange theme going this time.....

The sign is a little hard to read, and I have to apologize for the photo quality...the store has some very harsh overhead fluorescents.   The product being sold is the bottom half of a rather masculine manikin.

 Mrs. Claus' half boyfriend.

Given the anorexic build of this thing you could pitch it as a "Half Girlfriend", but elsewhere in the store we find this:

Somebody been watching too many Zombie movies?

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