Monday, November 19, 2012

Boat on a Stick-Siren Wisconsin

Seen late in the day on a drive through Western Wisconsin.

The sign refers to a tornado that struck with sudden savagery in June of 2001.  The boat, some distance from water by the way, was wrapped around a pole holding a bird house.  11 years later it is still there.

It must have been planted in the ground a little better than most bird condos.  The penthouse suite looks a little worse for the wear...

On one level it is rather funny...a village called Siren being hit by a tornado.  Locals even claim to have seen that most cliche of storm events, airborne livestock.

But it really is not humorous.  The community had no warning because the only siren in Siren had been knocked out by an earlier lightning strike.

And lest we forget, two local citizens died.

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