Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oktoberfest-Marching to the Beer

Our local Oktoberfest is informal fun.  It opens at noon on Friday when folks congregate at the brewery.

A brass band plays a few oomp-pahs, the Fest Meister and Meisterin for the year are introduced.  Then everyone marches off to the Fairgrounds up the hill.

You don't have to be part of an organized group to march in the parade.  You in fact do not need to be organized at all.

There was a guy right under the yellow bicycle route sign trying to collect beer glasses from people before they walked out onto a public street.  I am pretty sure he missed most of them.

As to the actual Fest, well it has all the usual attractions.  Polka music, beer, and naturally the official food of Wisconsin:

I am working on the Grounds Committee this year, so much of my time on site was lifting stuff and driving around in a golf cart.  But I did enjoy a few beers, and took in this rather unusual show.

The human Glockenspiel.  Four guys, with musical accompaniment from an accordion, going through various quirky mechanically inspired actions.  Chopping wood, sawing, drinking beer.  Of course done with considerable comedic license.

Chubby Caucasians dancing, clapping and slapping (mostly themselves).

They have a reputation of being hard drinking guys, who spend their time between shows slugging down beers.  But I think that is a sham.  It looks like they are just chugging water in the show, and they have some pretty good moves.  Better than a bunch of drunken chubby Caucasians could likely manage.

Addendum.  There was something appealing and oddly familiar about the Glockenspiel act.  Let's see.  Non speaking performers in identical outfits.  Performing to musical cues.  Acting in concert except for one fellow who is always just a little bit off, providing the comedic foil.  Ah yes.  I figured it out while sweeping up their confetti Sunday morning.

This is Pink Man Group.

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