Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Algorithms

Spouse has been running a fine series of vintage valentines over on her side of the digital household.  Lotsa cupids, arrows, pink stuff. Here, take a look.

I have had a little different month of February.  In my professional capacity I have to maintain certification in an entire bowl of alphabet soup.  Such as:

BLS-Basic Life Support.  You need this before you can take:
ACLS-Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

But since the ER sees more than just cardiac cases I also need:
ATLS-Advanced Trauma Life Support, and:
PALS-Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Optional, but one I do anyway is:
CALS-Comprehensive Advanced Life Support.

At least as I no longer deliver babies (oh, one or two ER stories notwithstanding), I don't feel such a need to keep up with:

NALS-Newborn Advanced Life Support, and:
ALSO-Advanced Life Support for Obstetrics.

In any case, by virtue of some scheduling glitches I am doing BLS, ATLS and ACLS over the course of a two week span.

So I am certainly thinking about pink hearts and such, but I have been studying so much that the imagery starts to turn into this:
And all the woes of broken hearts, of heart aches, of heartfelt sorrows?  All can be dealt with in a straightforward fashion.  Here ya go:

Yes, yes, these are hardly "mushy" Valentines Day sentiments, but in my feeble defense I should say that when Spouse and I were first dating I was in Medical School and studied with fervor and intensity.  One time I was so focused that I almost did not notice that somebody had tossed a Hostess Fruit Pie in my open second story window!

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next door Laura said...

A good sense of timing, knowing when to ignore the food pyramid, and a perfect overhand lob seems like enough basis for a giving a long term relationship a go.
Good luck with all the acronym exams. If you get stuck just remember the multiple choice test technique one of our progeny swears by. AC DC AC DC. That should keep those hearts pumping.
Happy Valentine's Day! xo, Babs