Friday, November 4, 2011

Mysteries of France-Super Hero division

From my wandering observations:
A rather un-super looking fellow.  As best I can figure out this is an old fashioned poster that directs you to a web site.  It seems to be political cartoons.

A sign outside a clinic.  I'm sorry, but if you want people to feel good about getting immunizations a picture of you wearing a "weasel-squeezer" spandex suit while holding a six foot tall harpoon of a syringe is not going to do that.  I also note that there is no logo or emblem on the chest.  GenericMan.
Udders, but massive biceps and a lantern jaw on this cow.  Say, there's no added hormones in this beef, are there?

More of a Super Villain I guess.  Pripiat is a big mysterious swamp in Russia.  Maybe he comes from there?

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